Top 10 Reasons Why Solar Panels is a Good Investment

10 Reasons Why Solar Panels is a Good Investment

Are you looking for ways to increase your home value while reducing your monthly expense on electricity bills? If so, then you might want to red our top 10 reasons why solar panels is a good investment right now.

Solar energy has been around since the 7th century and only recently has grown into a reliable, renewable source that power millions of residential homes and businesses.

Some of you might be asking yourself as to whether it is time to make the switch from non-renewable energy like oil, gas, and coal over to renewable energy like solar power. Hence, you also could be wondering if you should take advantage of the immense benefits that having solar panels installed at your home can bring to you.

This is why we are writing an in-depth guide that covers the top 10 reasons why solar panels are the best investment to make for any homeowners and businesses. Without further ado, let’s reveal our top 10 reasons to get solar panels right now.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Solar Panels

Homeowners and businesses will indeed have to pay an upfront cost to cover solar panels and installation. However, in the long run, using solar energy saves several thousand dollars as it has remarkable benefits to offer:

1. Solar Energy Saves Money

Because you are using energy from the sun, the cost of solar power is less than the cost it is to produce electricity from centralized power plants. As the electricity cost goes up at your utility company, your overall savings from solar energy increase.

2. Support from the Governments

There are federal solar power incentive programs that aim to help offset a portion of the cost to install solar panels. Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) is another program that provides you an additional stream of income whenever you overproduce electricity.

It is one of the top 10 reasons why solar panels are a smart investment right now because you get government incentives. Below are some of the ways that your government can do to help offset the cost of solar panel parts and installation:

  • Tax Deduction: If you run a business, you can claim a solar energy system as a tax deduction.
  • Federal Tax Credits: You get to enjoy a 22% federal tax credit on your solar system.
  • Solar Renewable Energy Credits: You can sell your energy to the utility company and get paid for it.

3. Solar Panels Increase Home Value

Solar Panels Increase Home Value

One of the most effective ways to appreciate your home value quickly is to install solar panels. Buyers love to see solar energy because that means they will not have to worry about electrical costs. The home appraisers value a solar energy system above the cost of parts and installation.

4. Solar Panels is Easy to Install

It’s incredibly easy to install solar panels on the roof of your home. Since solar panels do not need to be structurally attached to your home, replacing the worn-out is easy enough to do so and some manufacturers are willing to replace the old solar panels with new ones at a discounted price or no additional charge.

Plus solar panels offer an additional layer of protection to your home’s roof, which is a nice perk. How about that for double-layer protection against extreme weather conditions?

5. Become Energy Independence

One way that major energy companies are doing is converting homes into a distributed power plants. For instance, Tesla is bundling energy storage with solar panels that will help the homeowners generate energy and have backup power in case the energy grid goes offline for some reason. 

Solar panels are an awesome and effective way to become energy independent from your utility company. This means your home will become a distributed generator. When you produce too much energy and the demand is greater than supply can provide, you will earn a credit towards your account.

6. Solar is a Renewable Energy

Solar Panels Saves Money

Never again you will have to worry about the rising costs of fossil fuel, coal, oil, and gas. Plus, you will not have to worry about the impact that you are making on the environment because solar energy is pure, clean, and green. Solar energy is consistently renewing every second so you will always have a reliable source of power to produce electricity.

7. Solar Panels Works in Every Weather Condition

Just to dispel some myths about solar energy, solar panels do work in every weather condition. Whether you are living in an area where it tends to be cloudy, cold, or snowy, the solar panels will still generate electricity regardless. The solar panels work even more effectively in cold temperature.

While solar panels will generate power in hot and sunny regions, it does not matter where you live because the sunlight will still go through clouds and snowy weather conditions. Solar panels will continue to absorb and convert sunlight into energy as they generate heat to keep your home’s roof clear of snow and any weather effect that can damage it.

8. You Help Create a Better Future

By making the switch to solar panels, you are helping create a better future for the next generations. Solar energy doesn’t produce harmful emissions and has no impact on the greenhouse effects. As the planet Earth is creeping dangerously close to a new height of CO2 level never seen before, the homeowners and business must take an action step to minimize the impact generated by non-renewable sources.

9. Solar Panels is Sustainable

Beautiful Solar Homes with Panels

Besides solar energy being the clean, green energy source. Solar Panels are sustainable in the long run because the overall cost will continue to decrease as technology continue to advance. The Sun will continue to generate energy when oil, gas, coal, and fossil fuel runs out.

Non-renewable energy companies are scared about this because the decreasing cost of solar energy will create competition. As the cost of solar panels keeps going down the more homeowners and businesses adopt it, the market for solar energy will grow and increase in sustainability.

10. Solar Panels is for Smart People

Let’s be real here, it’s a smart thing to invest your money to have solar panels installed at your home or business property. You get to reap a load of perks that solar panels have to offer such as additional income stream, reducing your monthly expenses, and increase your home value. 

What you pay now with your money, you will quickly earn back your investments in three years or less. It’s a no-brainer thing to do right now as a homeowner and business owner. You can find out how much you can save with solar power via Solar Calculator.

Which of our top 10 reasons why solar panels are a good investment piqued you the most? Let us know in the comment section below. We are looking forward to conversing with you!

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