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Top 10 Benefits of Owning Electric Vehicles: Guide for Newbies

Top 10 Benefits of Owning Electric Vehicles

There are top 10 benefits of owning electric vehicles for those who are looking to convert from gas-powered car owners to EV owners. Electric cars are still new, but they have been gaining popularity recently thanks to electric automaker behemoth, Tesla. These cars run on a rechargeable battery and are fun to drive around thanks to practical use for an average person.

The White House is making the big push to electrify the United States infrastructure by proposing an expanded federal EV tax credit to incentive Americans to make the switch for the electric cars. Whether you are looking for ways to cut down on your expenses or to go green, there are advantages of owning an electric vehicle. At the end of this article, you will become an informed car buyer the next time you buy a brand new (or used) electric vehicle.

1. Electric Cars Require Less Maintenance

First and foremost, electric cars require less maintenance. That’s because it has fewer moving parts. This means the electric cars do not need to visit an auto shop to have an oil change or air filter replaced, aside from tire changes. Electric cars, in general, go gentle on the braking system which results in fewer brake replacements.

As a result, electric car owners pay an average of $300 on maintenance fees on an annual basis while gas-powered car owners pay an average of $949 per year. That is around 67% saving for the electric car owners and that adds up a lot in the long run.

2. Recharging Electric Cars is Inexpensive

Charging Electric Cars

On average, the cost to refuel a 12-gallons gas-powered car is around $46.20. While it only costs $9 to refuel an electric car with 200 miles range according to Alternative Fuels Data Center. If the gas-powered car average 30 miles per gallon, then you will save approximately 65% on refueling for an electric car.

3. Electric Cars are Incredibly Responsive

Driving around an electric car is fun, exciting, and incredibly responsive. That is because these EVs have very good torque. This means electric vehicles have electric motors that react very quickly and allow acceleration to build up in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, electric vehicles are much more digitally connected to the world compared to traditional cars.

4. Electric Cars Reduces Emissions

Electric Car Produces no Emissions

One of the main benefits of owning an electric car is that they reduce the number of emissions from being pumped into the air. Electric cars do not have an exhaust system, therefore they do not produce any emissions. This helps produce cleaner air to breathe in and reduce the overall impact of the greenhouse effects.

5. Electric Car Owners gets EV Tax Credit

Just for owning an electric vehicle, you will be eligible for a federal EV tax credit of up to $7,500 depending on the specifications, makes, and models. Car buyers who buy a new electric car will be able to take advantage of the EV tax credit as a part of the massive infrastructure bill to transform the United States transportation system.

6. Electric Cars is Becoming Accessible

Advantages of Electric Cars

Electric cars are indeed becoming more and more accessible each year. As major electric automakers like Tesla, Rivian, and Nio are installing supercharging stations around the world. Times of range anxiety on long trips are going away as newer models come with fast-charging features and batteries that have more power capacity.

Since the electric grid is available everywhere you go, recharging your electric cars will be available with options to choose from: your home, at your workplace, and even while on the road. Soon enough you will not even have to visit a gas station again.

7. Improvements is Always Changing Electric Vehicles

Another major benefit of owning an electric vehicle is that it can get software updates remotely. Often of the times, these software updates are to make improvements to the electric vehicles’ performance such as battery management systems, power capacity, and driving features.

Electric vehicles are packed with advanced technology that enables automaker companies to make steady improvements to them over time. Whereas gas-powered cars tend not to come with much-needed technology to stay on par with an evolving audience.

8. Electric Vehicles Hold Value for Much Longer

Electric Car Holds Value for Much Longer

Unlike gas-powered cars which depreciate their value by 38.2% within the first year, premium branded electric vehicles like Tesla tend to hold value better. In contrast, electric vehicles only depreciate by an average of 19% within the first 5,000 miles and an average of 40% within the first 100,000 miles.

An average motorist drive 13,500 miles per year, according to Car and Driver. So while the gas-powered cars tend to depreciate in their value more quickly over time due to several factors like multiple moving parts, frequent maintenance, and oil changes. Electric vehicles hold value better for average drivers that stretch into the six to seven years mark.

9. Electric Vehicles Comes with More Storage Room

Believe it or not, all-electric vehicles come with more room for you to store materials and things. That is because space is not taken up by large combustion engines. As a result, this extra space gets converted into a storage room that you can stuff in. Which is a very nice benefit of owning an electric vehicle.

10. You Save More Money

Top 10 Benefits of Owning Electric Vehicles

Out of all and most importantly, you save more money by owning an electric car. There are just so many benefits for being an electric car owner such as access to take advantage of the federal EV tax credit, inexpensive refueling charge, fewer maintenance expenses, and overall better value in the long term.

The EV technology and electric cars are still relatively new, but it is quickly becoming mainstream around the world. As more automaker companies are manufacturing their electric vehicle line and models to take a slice of the market, the price will continue to drop as the EVs and charging stations becomes readily available.

Now that you know the top 10 benefits of owning electric vehicles, which one interests you the most. Let us know in the comment section below. We are excited and looking forward to conversing with you about electric vehicles and how they are transforming the way we drive.

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