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Tesla Slams Germany for Irritating Approval Process to Build Berlin Gigafactory

Tesla Slams Germany for Irritating Approval Process to Build Berlin Gigafactory

Tesla is irritated with lengthy approval process to construct a Gigafactory outside of Berlin, Germany. The electric automaker slammed the process in a letter to a regional court in Berlin, stated that it is irritating because the company hasn’t been given a timeframe for final approval after 16 months of waiting, according to Bloomberg.

Tesla started constructing the Gigafactory in June 2020 and plans to produce electric cars as soon as July 2021. The company has been building the plant with provisional permits, but not with full approval.

If the local German government decides not to give Tesla the final approval for some reason — which is a very unlikely scenario given that there are officials backing Tesla has got in German so far — will put the electric automaker on the hook to demolish the plant.

In the letter that Tesla sent to the officials, the company criticized them for delaying the progress to promote and deliver green energy, climate-friendly infrastructure.

The electric automaker is currently the leader in electric-vehicle sales and in a global auto market that is still being dominated by cars that uses gas.

A spokesperson for the local government in Brandenburg, the state where Tesla is building its Gigafactory, told Voltegy in an e-mail that the officials can’t legally make a distinction between climate-friendly and climate-damaging investments.

Tesla Berlin Gigafactory Construction

However, the spokesperson added that the Brandenburg State Chancellery established a task force to help accelerate and manage approvals for Tesla’s Gigafactory.

It is a no surprise that the Gigafactory in Berlin has hit a number of snags ever since it started constructing in 2020. Back in December 2020, the German media reported that Tesla had to put its construction on hold after the company missed a deadline to make a $120 million security deposit.

Tesla also sparred with environmentalists over deforestation and water usage. Later or sooner, they might have to face off with the Germany’s largest union.

The Berlin Gigafactory is essential for Tesla’s European strategy as they plan to produce 500,000 cars each year in Europe. Expanding their production capacity will cement their advantage as the electric automaker looks to secure its position in an evergrowing rivals in the EV market.

The most threatening EV automaker of all is considered to be Germany’s Volkswagen. In the United States, the Biden Administration is revamping the electric car incentive program to promote Americans to ditch combustion-engine cars for a climate-friendly battery-powered cars in an effort to electrify the aging infrastructure.

On the other hand, Tesla refunded its customers money who was double-charged on the recent purchase of the new models. Some customers paid from $74,000 to $142,000, more than what they were paying for.

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