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Tesla Says the Car Cameras Aren’t Activated Amid Spying Concerns in China

Tesla Car Cameras

Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk defended the company’s position on built-in car cameras last month after several reports said that its cars have been banned from Chinese military complexes and housing compounds over concerns of sensitive data being collected by the cameras on the vehicles.

The car cameras that are installed onto the Tesla cars are not activated outside of North America, according to the electric automaker’s Beijing unit statement on Weibo Wednesday.

Even so, the vehicle owners in the United States are able to choose whether they want to activate the built-in cameras, Tesla said while touting its world-leading network security system that protects the users’ privacy.

Elon Musk spoke virtually to a conference and said that if Tesla ever used its cars to spy on China or in any other countries, the company would get shut down everywhere, citing the importance of maintaining the users’ data confidentiality.

“If a commercial company engages in spying, the negative effects would be extremely bad,” he said last month at China’s Development Forum, which is an gathering organized by the country’ State Council.

Tesla is not the only electric automaker that have car cameras installed on their models to monitor, guide, autopilot and to protect the users. General Motors Co. also uses several small cameras to help their vehicles perform self-driving functions.

Most Tesla models have an interior camera mounted above the rear mirror that can detect whether a driver is looking at the road, looking down at their lap, wearing sunglasses or even looking at something else entirely.

In the United States, Tesla started using their cars’ internal cameras to monitor full self-driving beta testers or Tesla owners who volunteered to test out the company’s brand new driver-assist capabilities.

While there are some concerns related to car cameras, Tesla have done a great job at reassuring their consumers by placing importance on user data confidentiality.

Furthermore, the Biden Administration recently announced a new electric car incentive program as a part of the major infrastructure bill that aims to electrify the United States transportation.

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