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Tesla Says Data Collected in China is Stored in the Country

Tesla Says Data Collected in China is Stored in the Country

Tesla, one of the world’s leader in the electric vehicle market, has pledged to store data it collects in China in the country.

This came after Tesla was under fire a month ago over concerns that their cars were being used for spying purpose in the military complexes and housing compounds.

Grace Tao who is the Head of Communication and Government Affairs for the electric automaker said on the sidelines of a meeting that Tesla China is a company must abide by all Chinese laws and regulations.

She further went on to emphasize that the data collected by the Tesla electric vehicles’ built-in cameras will be protected and store in China only.

China is becoming a very important market for the California-based automaker as Tesla delivered a smashing record of 184,000 cars during the first quarter.

The accelerating growth of sales is suggesting that the Tesla boss, Elon Musk, bet in the Asia’s biggest economy is starting to pay off.

Tesla Stores Data in China in the Country

However, it hasn’t been exactly a smooth sail for Elon Mush and his company. Early this March, his company banned from the military complexes and Musk denied his company would use the camera technology for spying.

Tesla’s unit in Beijing released a statement that the built-in cameras in these models are not activated outside of North America.

The electric automaker will cooperate with China regulatory authorities at all levels to ensure that the Chinese consumers can enjoy convenience and safety.

Elon Musk and Tesla is playing smart by adhering to the China’ regulatory and laws as they enjoy the biggest growth that is three times more compared to last year.

Meanwhile in the United States, Tesla hiked the price on Model 3 and Model Y for the fourth time.

The Biden Administration is also working on a $174 billion infrastructure bill which will likely come in form of federal EV tax credit to encourage the Americans to purchase electric vehicles.

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