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Tesla Refunds Customers Double-Charged on New Models, Throws in $200 Credit

Tesla Refunds Customers Charged Twice on New Models

In middle of March, several customers filed complaint against Tesla that they were charged twice on purchase of new models. Now Tesla refunds customers who was double-charged and offered them $200 free credit to spend on its online store.

Tesla refunded the money to customers approximately a week after they told to CNBC that the company charged them twice without authorization and some were left with a huge bills up to $142,000 alone.

The customers said they got their refunds on or before April 1, but some customers had to pay for overdraft fees on their large bills.

Tesla’s Chief Executive Officer, Elon Musk, sent the double-charged customers an e-mail and apologized to the customers who were double-charged and gave them $200 free credit.

The electric automaker said the $200 credit must be used in a single transaction and will expire on January 30, 2022. Unfortunately, the free credit can’t be spent on Tesla Tequila.

The first three Californian Tesla owners shared their experience with CNBC in March. Clark Peterson, Tom Slattery, and Christopher T. Lee told the news network that they purchased a model from Tesla ranging between $37,000 for a Model 3 sedan to $71,000 for a Model Y SUV with premium features.

Tesla Refunds Customers Double-Charged on New Models

A former banking executive who residents in North Carolina, who wanted to keep anonymous for privacy reasons, told the news network that he was double-charged for a brand new Model Y that costs around $54,000.

All these four buyers authorized the payment of brand new electric vehicles through ACH direct debit. However, they were in a rude awakening when they found out that the money has been taken away from their account twice.

Which means they spent in total between $74,000 to $142,000 on these brand new Tesla models. While the customers got their money refunded, they said Tesla needs to work on improving their customer service quality.

Peterson told CNBC that he was happy to have the situation resolved. He felt the response time was insufficient. It took days before he heard a response from Tesla and that they were holding majority of his funds for most of the time.

Terry Oelschlaeger, who is another Tesla customer, told Business Insider that he was double-charged for a Tesla Model Y that has a price tag of $53,993.70 on March 25. He shared his bank statement with Insider, which revealed a duplicate charge for a brand new electric vehicle.

Oelschaleger said he tried to phone Tesla three times to complain and actually drove to a Tesla service center in California, where an employee explained to him that there was a purchase error had affected “many” buyers.

Tesla told him that he will get his refund in one to three business days. He eventually got his refund in full from the company on March 31.

On the other hand, the Biden Administration is rolling out a major infrastructure bill that includes reforming the electric vehicle incentive program which is rumored to increase the tax credit from $7,500 to $10,000 to electrify the transportation in the United States.

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