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Tesla Refreshed Model S / X Delivery Date Pushed Back to Q3 and Q4

Tesla Refreshed Model S and Model X

Last week, Tesla Motors announced that they will be bringing back the flagship vehicle program as they plan to start producing over 100,000 refreshed Model S and Model X per year. Though, there has been no refreshed Model S / X delivery as of publication.

Tesla Chief Executive Officer, Elon Musk, said that the refreshed Model S will start delivering to customers very soon. While customers who placed an order for refreshed Model X will get them in the third quarter. The delay in vehicle delivery is mainly caused by continual safety testing on the battery packs.

The incident came after a Tesla Model 3 caught fire in Shanghai. Upon closer look, it revealed the battery was damaged, which prompted an unhappy Chinese customer to protest over the way Tesla handled her complaint about the battery fire.

Tesla is working closely with the Chinese regulators as the electric automaker navigates through the hot waters. The push for the company to improve its product quality is taking an impact around the other part of countries as they engage with the regulators.

While it is a factor behind the company’s decision to delay delivery to ensure all the vehicles meet and maintain the safety standards, Tesla is not the only automaker in the global industry that is experiencing a massive semiconductor chip shortage. This caused the automaker companies to produce fewer vehicles.

Tesla Model S and Model X

Fortunately, Tesla was able to secure a new chip supplier to avert production delays. As of right now, the delivery dates for Model S and Model X on Tesla’s website have been pushed back a few months. Customers who ordered a new Model S will not see delivery until late September.

While those who placed an order for refreshed Model X can get theirs as early as October — with the possibility of being delayed to late November 2021. Compared to the other automakers, Tesla appeared to be holding pretty well in terms of the Model S and Model X deliveries.

Elon Musk mentioned that the refreshed Model S and Model X will be much more popular. Therefore, it is likely that the company will get flooded with new orders, thus causing a much longer delivery time. The refreshed Model S and Model X will come with upgraded Tesla version 11 software, a new battery layout, improved interior, and exterior and a bunch of features.

Furthermore, Tesla is rapidly ramping up its Supercharger stations by reducing the time it takes to install to merely three days. Plus these prefab Supercharger stations will upgrade the existing V2 Supercharger stations to V3, eliminate split charging, and expands the number of stalls to accompany a growing fleet of electric vehicles.

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