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Tesla Rapidly Ramps Up Prefab Superchargers Installation

Tesla Prefab Superchargers Installation

Tesla has a vast network of Supercharger stations that is capable of charging its electric vehicles quickly in a matter of hours. However, drivers who go on long trips can find it challenging and difficult to locate an available Supercharger station.

For instance, it gets aggravating when a Tesla owner has to end up using a small Supercharger V2 station during a long trip. Sometimes the stalls end up being offline and the driver can’t recharge their car. This kind of issue creates range anxiety for the drivers who have to scramble to find an available station to charge the car.

It was exactly the case in Beaver, Utah which is a very popular stop for all drivers who travel from Salt Lake to St. George or Las Vegas. The Supercharger only has four stalls, which is often broken and so is the V2 Supercharges that is split between two chargers.

The Supercharger station in Beaver, Utah is a frequent stop for Tesla owners. As the electric automaker continues to convert gas-powered car owners to EV owners, the Supercharger Station needs a bigger, expanded capacity to support the growing fleet.

Tesla Prefab Supercharger Stations

Luckily, Tesla has found a solution that will allow them to rapidly ramp up Supercharger installations at a neck-breaking pace. This is done using prefabricated Superchargers that are built onto a large concrete block. This allows the company to quickly expand from 4 stalls to 32 stalls in three days.

Furthermore, all of the stalls are upgraded to V3 Supercharges which provides an output of 250 kW without charge splitting. Which makes Beaver, Utah the first place to host a prefab Supercharger Station setup.

The idea of rapid installation is made simply by having the company set up Superchargers and electronics on a large concrete slab before they are installed in the respective locations. This prefab strategy allows Tesla to rapidly expand existing Supercharger stations in a matter of days.

The electric automaker is expected to produce over 100,000 new Model X and Model S per year. In addition to their recent explosively delivery result in China, Tesla must be ramping up their Supercharger installations to a significant degree to support their growing fleet around the world.

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