Tesla Quietly Started Producing Powerwall 2 Plus

Tesla Quietly Started Producing Powerwall 2 Plus

Let’s all leave to Tesla to launch a brand new product and not tell anyone about it for six months. Elon Musk, who is the chief executive officer of the world’s leading electric automaker, announced that the company has started production of Powerwall 2 Plus back in November 2020.

The original Powerwall 2 made the debut in 2016 but has not received any updates since its release. Few days ago, Voltegy reported on Tesla CEO Elon Musk proposing a radical idea to increase energy grid reliability by converting homes into a distributed power plant.

The idea of turning homes into a distributed power plant came after the winter storm put an immense strain on Texas’ energy grid and the continuous rolling blackouts in California. The distributed power plants, as Elon Musk said, will address the energy reliability issue and paves the path to become energy independence.

The new Powerwall 2 Plus will come with new features and capacity upgrades through a software update. But the Tesla CEO did not further elaborate on the actual production date cutoff for the new product.

The Powerwall 2 Plus refers a to a higher peak power capability. Which means all the Powerwalls that was produced since November 2020 had a lot more peak power capability than the specifications on the website. In fact, they have two times the power capability on an average.

Tesla Powerwall 2 Plus Production

It appears that Tesla is running a similar naming scheme akin to the new Model 3 Standard Range Plus. The “Plus” is to note the change in the power capacity of the all new Powerwall 2 Plus product.

Currently, Tesla adversities the Powerwall 2 power capacity at 7kW peak and 5kW continuous. The new Powerwall 2 Plus will feature 14kW peak and 10kW continuous which is two times the original power capacity.

Furthermore, the difficulty of installing the Powerwall 2 Plus will be much easier because of the power that comes from the solar roof will go directly into the Powerwall. The energy then gets directed between the utility and the power panel of the house, which means you will never have to touch the main circuit breakers at all.

Elon Musk said the reason behind bundling the solar and energy products together was the way Tesla can scale their businesses. This means customers who buy every solar and Powerwall products can get it installed at their home and become its own utility.

This is a step toward Elon Musk’s vision of turning the country into a global distributed power plants.

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