Tesla Offers Free Powerwalls to Customers with a Big Price Increase on Solar Roofs

Tesla Offers Free Powerwalls to Customers with a Big Price Increase on Solar Roofs

Tesla is offering free Powerwalls to customers who got a big price hike on their solar roof projects that was already under contracts. The free Powerwalls is a part to compensate the price increase that resulted in customers paying tens of thousands more dollars to cover their projects.

Last month, Tesla hiked the price of its solar roof tiles as much as 50% based on an inconsistent new complexity factor. Even the projects with the lowest complexity factor saw the average quote price increase, which prompted questions about the reasons behind the price hike.

Some of the homeowners already spent their hard-earned money on work preparation for the installations. Now with the price increase on the solar roof tiles, the homeowners have to pay even more money in cost for these projects.

To alleviate the price increase, Tesla is offering free Powerwalls to the customers in order to smoothen out the price hike. Although, Tesla did not offer anything to the customers who decided to cancel their contracts against the price increase.

Several homeowners who got the price increase has been contacted by Tesla about the free Powerwall offer. The Tesla representatives wrote an e-mail message that was sent to the customers:

“Thank you for your continued support. We’d like to offer you one Powerwall at no additional charge when you proceed with your Solar Roof installation.” 

Tesla Offers Free Powerwalls Hike Solar Roof Price

On average, the customers got a price hike between $9,000 to $12,000 — which is not the highest side of the price increase spectrum. A while ago, Tesla was selling Powerwall for $7,500.

But the electric automaker stopped selling them and opt’ed to bundle the solar and energy storage products together in an effort to scale their business.

The gateway and installation cost will increase to $12,000 for the Powerwall alone. Though, it is cheaper to install at the same time with a solar roof installation project.

Customers who have existing Powerwall 2 units will also receive up to 50% power capacity boost through a software update that is scheduled for next month.

This means the Powerwall 2 units will get its peak power capacity from 7.5kW to 10.75kw and continuous power capacity from 5kW to 7.5kW. Depending on the production date, customers can get up to 50% power capacity increase.

Tesla is also quietly working on production of Powerwall 2 Plus which will have far more power capacity than the original one. Though, Elon Musk has not said much about the latest product that will be hitting the home battery pack sector in the next few months.

Are you currently a homeowner under the solar roof project contract? Let us know what you think of Tesla’s free Powerwall offer and whether you plan to take it or not in the comment section below.

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