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Tesla Issued a Public Apology after Chinese Outcry in Shanghai

Tesla Issued Public Apology

Tesla issued a public apology to the Chinese consumers for failing to address a customer’s complaint in a timely manner. The electric automaker stated that it would launch a review of its service operations going forward.

The public apology is rare and unusual as it is coming from Tesla followed by a harsh critic from the Chinese state media and an incident at the Shanghai auto show that has grabbed the attention of Chinese consumers and government.

An unhappy customer clambered on the top of a Tesla model during the auto show to protest the company’s handling of their customer’s complaint about malfunctioning brakes.

With a growing trouble for Tesla in China overlapped with safety questions in the United States. The built-in autopilot feature has been under heavy scrutiny as there is a fatal crash involving a Tesla Model S that struck a tree and exploded into flames afterward.

Tesla China Woman Protest at Shanghai Auto Show

The rescuers arrived to the scene and saved the victims in the passenger and rear seat. Although, they were not able to save the victim in the driver’s seat. The federal regulators are investigating the fatal Tesla Model S crash and has a total 24 probes that involves the electric vehicle operating on Autopilot.

Tesla enjoyed an explosive growth in China as they sells roughly 30% of their cars in China at Shanghai Gigafactory. Though the company have come under fire for its safety measures such as battery fire and malfunctioning brakes.

A Tesla representative told the local Chinese state media that the electric automaker pledge to share data related to the brake incident to the local market regulators for investigation.

Tesla said that the woman was a vehicle owner have has been involved in a collision and have been cited for speeding violations. In addition to that, the company is negotiating with her to return the car but has been stalled over a third-party inspection.

Last month, the Chinese military banned Tesla models from entering the military bases and housing compounds over spying concerns with its built-in cameras. Tesla countered by stating the cameras isn’t activated and that if any data is collected, it will be stored in the country.

The Chinese woman who started the protest will be detained for five days. Police said that the woman arrived to the Tesla display to express their dissatisfaction due to a consumer dispute.

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