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Tesla Breaks Delivery Record of 184,000 Electric Cars in China

Tesla Breaks Delivery Record

Last week, Tesla broke a delivery record, confirming a new delivery results Q1 of over 184,000 electric cars in China.

It is a no secret that Tesla’s sales have been surging in China in March, which helped the electric vehicle automaker achieve its new record delivery results according to registration numbers

The delivery record beats most of the people’s expectations as the global is experiencing a semiconductor shortage and no Model S / Model X production due to an ongoing upgrade.

Strong sales performance in China might be the main difference between the expectations and the results that allowed Tesla to go above and beyond the consumer demand.

Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory started producing the Model Y a few months ago. The Gigafactory increased the production rate of the electric SUV in China and that impacted Tesla’s delivery results.

The electric automaker delivered just a little over 1,600 Model Y in China in January. The number of Model Y deliveries quickly soared to 4,630 in February.

In March, Tesla experienced a similar ramp-up which also could have led the company to beat people’s expectations.

Tesla EV Sales Surge in China

Now that Tesla has fully recovered to pre-pandemic results, the company is taking the lead of wave in the local EV market as well as global EV market.

Tesla Model Y delivery went from 4,630 to 10,151 in March to February, quite an impressive increase in three months alone.

The Model Y deliveries also did not impact Model 3 deliveries negatively in the country, a big win for Tesla.

According to the China Passenger Car Association’s data, Tesla delivered over 25,000 electric sedans in China last month. This brings the total to over 35,000 deliveries by the company in China alone.

That is three more times the number of electric vehicles that Tesla would deliver in the market per month last year.

Going forward, Tesla is expected to create a much bigger impact with its Model Y thanks to a booming local EV market in China as there is a small price hike on Model 3 and Model Y in the U.S.

The electric automaker is also on the trajectory path to deliver up to 50,000 electric cars per month in China during the Q2, despite concerns about the car cameras being used for spying.

Tesla is constructing the Berlin Gigafactory and Texas Gigafactory, which is expected to open soon in few months. Both Gigafactory will bring in a record number of new job opportunities.

The future is bright for Tesla.

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