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Tesla Berlin Gigafactory to Start Producing in Late July 2021

Tesla Berlin Gigafactory to Start Producing in Late July 2021

The Tesla Berlin Gigafactory is expected to start producing Model Y in July 2021, according to a recent meeting of the Brandenburg Committee for Infrastructure and Regional Planning.

The Tesla Giga Berlin will commence production in late July 2021 or possibly August 2021. This will be early than most of the people expected as there were signs that the Berlin Gigafactory faced several regulatory hurdles in the beginning of the year.

Initially, the Gigafactory Berlin was supposed to be done with the construction in the first quarter or second quarter of the 2021. But it was not possible as Tesla slammed the German government for delaying their final approval to construct the Gigafactory.

Now that the committee has been established and is accelerating the construction. Things are turning around for Tesla and the customers who pre-ordered Model Y received call from Tesla that they expect to deliver the Berlin-version by Q2 the latest.

Once the construction is complete, the Tesla Berlin Gigafactory will create up to 10,000 new high-paying jobs, revitalizing the Europe’s economy as the company aims to accelerate its first European production plant.

Tesla boasts that the Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg will be the most advanced high-volume electric vehicle production plant in the world. In the beginning of launch, the plant will produce Model Y and eventually will branch to other products such as battery cells and performance drive units.

Tesla Berlin Brandenburg Gigafactory

In addition to that, the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin will be an ideal work environment that blends modern and sustainable features. Combined with an extensive infrastructure of bicycle ways, roads, highways and direct train connections in a close proximity to the international airport.

Meanwhile, the Texas Gigafactory, situated in city of Austin, is scheduled to complete its construction by end of May 2021 and will create up to 10,000 new jobs for the engineers, operations, finance manufacturing and human resources sector.

Tesla have enjoyed a record-breaking sales growth of more than 184,000 electric vehicles sold in China alone — three times more compared to last year. In addition to that, Biden is rolling out a $174 billion bill to electrify the U.S infrastructure.

In contrast, Tesla is facing criticisms in China after an unhappy Chinese customer climbed onto the top of a Model 3 sedan and started protesting over the company’s poor way of handling her complaint.

The protest ultimately led to Tesla issuing a rare, public apology for its action. Chief Executive Officer, Elon Musk, is also facing regulatory challenges over the use of built-in cameras due to Chinese’s secrecy nature.

Tesla reaffirmed the Chinese government that any data collected in the country will stay in the country. It will be interesting to see how it rolls out once the Model Y is up and running at the Tesla Berlin Gigafactory.

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