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Rivian R1T Electric Truck Will be Powered by Samsung SDI Battery Cells

Rivian R1T Electric Truck Will be Powered by Samsung SDI Battery Cells

Rivian, an Amazon-backed, EV manufacturer announced today that its R1T electric truck will be powered by Samsung SDI battery cells.

Securing the supply of battery cell is crucial to achieving producing new electric vehicles as automakers are fighting to grab a slice of the limited supply.

Rivian is looking to bring the R1T electric truck to the market later this year. Both Rivian and Samsung SDI did not disclose the value of the deal or length of the term.

However, Rivian released a statement this Monday that the company has been working closely with Samsung SDI throughout the vehicle development process.

Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck Powered by Samsung SDI Battery Cells

Rivian pointed out that both R1T truck and R1S SUV will require a battery module and pack that can endure extreme temperatures as well as durability use.

Samsung SDI is a South Korea-based company that produces battery cells and already supplies to several other automakers. For instance, in 2019 the company contracted a $3.2 billion deal with BMW in exchange for a 10-year supply agreement.

Rj Scaringe, the Chief Executive Officer of Rivian, said that the company is excited about the performance and reliability of Samsung SDI battery cells combined with Rivian’s technology.

Samsung SDI’s focus on innovating and sourcing the battery materials will help Rivian get up to speed with the first batch of R1T truck that is expected to roll out sometimes this summer.

While it is obvious that Tesla and Rivian doesn’t make it a secret they are not friends with each other, Rivian boasts an extensive warranty coverage for its electric vehicles that is far superior to the Tesla models.

The Biden Administration is also working to electrify the aging U.S infrastructure by spending $174 billion in form of federal EV tax credit. If the bill becomes law, Americans will be able to get up to $7,500 tax rebate on new electric vehicle purchase.

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