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Chinese Regulators Urges Tesla to Control Product Quality

Chinese Regulators Urges Tesla to Control Product Quality

One of the local Chinese regulators urges Tesla, one of the world’s biggest electric automaker company, to control their product quality in the country.

The response came after an incident at the Shanghai auto show that involves a Chinese woman who was unhappy with Tesla customer service, which prompted the company to issue a rare apology.

The Chinese state local media said on late Wednesday that the Tesla’s public apology was not sincere as the electric company remains under pressure in the country over safety concerns.

Last Monday, a Chinese woman climbed on top of a Tesla vehicle in protest over the company’s way of handling her complaints about a malfunctioning brake in one of its car.

The video showed the woman wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the words that says, “The brakes don’t work.” She also shouted accusations while staff and security attempted to pacify the crowd.

Tesla China Regulators Urges to Improve Product Quality Issues

Tesla issued a public apology on Tuesday to the Chinese consumers for failing to address a customer’s complaint in a timely manner and said they will launch a review of its service operations.

But that fell short according to local state news media. “A big company should have the responsibility of being a company, no company can do whatever it wants,” the Xinhua news agency said.

If Tesla fails to rectify the problems that they have with their vehicles, then they will make the same mistakes. Tesla plans to address the growing safety concerns by focusing on service operations to eliminate defects.

Tesla have been under fire over security issues which prompted China military to ban their models from entering military bases and housing compounds because of the built-in cameras that can be used for spying.

Elon Musk, the Chief Executive Officer of Tesla and SpaceX, said that any data collected in China will be stored in the country, respectively.

The electric automaker enjoyed one of the biggest, explosive growth in the auto market last quarter where they sold more than 184,000 electric vehicles.

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