Best Azpen Dockall D115 Qi Wireless Charger Review

Azpen Dockall D115 Qi Wireless Charger Review

Meet the Azpen Dockall D115 qi wireless charger. Are you looking for an affordable smart qi wireless charger station to power your devices and do everything it does? Then look no further because the Azpen Dockall D115 is a stylish rapid charging station that is incredible capable of delivering up to 15 watts of wireless power.

Compared to traditional smart charging stations like the Axlum USB charging station and SIIG 90W charging station, the Azpen Dockall D115 uses inductive charging technology similar to the Dockall D100. Inductive charging technology have the property of electricity transfer from the coils directly to the devices in order to power it up

In our in-depth Azpen Dockall D115 qi wireless charger review, I will talk about its build and design quality, performance and features. At the end of the review, you will be able to make an informed decision whether to buy this smart qi wireless charging station.

While there are plenty of popular qi wireless charging stations to choose from. We think the Azpen Dockall D115 is one of the best charging technology that uses the latest technology and features. Stick around with us and read through out review to learn more.

Build and Design Quality

At our first impression, the Azpen Dockall D115 qi wireless charger captures our attention with its unique, yet modern design appearance. This charging station is a no ordinary charging station. In fact, it is a multi-purpose charging station that serves the role as portable charging station for your devices, music speakers, and to make personal / business call. All three in one with your favorite personal device like a smartphone or tablet.

The Azpen Dockall D115 is a Qi-certified charger station that features an ultra fast charging speed which rechargers your smartphones and tablets in matter of minutes. As mentioned before, this charger station comes with a built-in bluetooth speaker that provides premium HD sound quality and have a microSD card that accommodates up to 64GB of memory capacity.

Azpen Dockall D115 Qi Wireless Charger

Whenever you need to make a phone call or listen to your favorite music, the Azpen Dockall D115 have built-in microphone located in the front that allows you to chat with your family and friends. Experience wireless charging thanks to three vertical charging coils that enables seamless charge on landscape or vertical position. The LED charging indicator will let you know when the battery is full and ready for use.

But that is not all it has to offer. If you are a heavy gadget user and need to charge multiple devices at the same time. The Azpen Dockall D115 comes with two extra USB ports that you can hook up to the devices. Mainly it works well for earbuds, additional speakers, and even your laptops.

Overall, the design and build quality of Apzen Dockall D115 is interesting, yet high-quality. Mainly because it serves the role as a multi-purpose charging station from charging your devices to playing music, streaming movies and making phone calls — all with your device wireless connected to the station.

Charging and Station Performance

One of the main advantage that the Azpen Dockall D115 excels the most is its rapid charging technology. Compared to other charging methods, this charger station can recharge your device up to 80% in approximately 35 minutes with 15 watts power output. Which makes the Azpen Dockall D115 an incredible powerful, energy-efficient charger station with built-in portability for everyday use.

Azpen Dockall D115 Qi Wireless Charger Station

Another performance advantage is Powersave Mode. If the Dockall D115 is not in active use, then it will enter Powersave Mode to conserve energy. Which means it will automatically disconnect from Bluetooth after 10 minutes. To restart, simply push the Play / Pause button to connect to your smartphone or tablet.

The Azpen Dockall D115 is integrated with energy-saving technique which means it does not draw out power if it is hooked to the wall. Thanks to Qi wireless charging technology, once you place your smartphone or tablet onto the charging coils, it will activate power transfer and start charging your device until the battery is full. Overall, a solid performance from this qi wireless charging station.


In the next piece of our in-depth Azpen Dockall D115 review, we will talk about the features that this qi wireless charger station has have to offer. First and foremost, this charger station comes with improved microphone that delivers in omni-direction for a crystal clear, hands-free calling. In addition to that, it the speaker feature a built-in noise cancellation that delivers clear and audible voice for a rich listening experience.

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The Azpen Dockall D115 also have two full-size USB charging ports that supports any devices. Plus, it comes with a MicroSD card solt which lets you stream saved music files. Unlike other charging stations, the Dockall D115 have built-in vent that allows the hot air to escape in order to keep the charging station cool for a fast, efficient charging.

This charging station comes with a number of safety features to protect your device against overcurrent, overvoltage, and overcharging. Thanks to Qi wireless charging technology and smart Powersave Mode, the Azpen Dockall D115 is built to deliver safe, hands-free and ultra-fast charging experience that will keep your smartphone and tablet topped off in matter of minutes.


As we come to conclusion of our in-depth Azpen Dockall D115 Qi charger station review, you might be wondering if you should buy this charging station. If having the ability to recharge your devices in matter of minutes and turning it into a portable speaker as well as talking to your family and friends with ease. Then the Azpen Dockall D115 is a very good Qi wireless charger station to have.

Right now, you can get this charger station for under $100 via here. Let us know if you have any question about it in the comment section below. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts about our in-depth Azpen Dockall D115 qi wireless charger review. Happy charging!

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