Best Alxum USB Charging Station Review for Beginners

Best Alxum USB Charging Station Review

Introducing Alxum USB charging station, one of the best smart charging stations for homeowners with multiple devices. If you are a frequent user of multiple devices such as iPad, iPhone, bluetooth earbuds and speakers but need to find a smart charging station to hook them at the same time.

Then look no further because the Alxum USB charging station is one of the hottest smart charging stations in the market right now. Unlike the SIIG 90W smart charging station, the Alxum USB charging station is packed with high-performing charge technology and can accommodate to more than 10 devices at a time.

In our in-depth Alxum USB charging station review, we will talk about its build and design quality, performance, and features. At the end of review, you will be able to make an informed decision whether to buy Alxum USB charging station. That being said, let’s find out if this is the best smart charging station under $100 for you.

Build and Design Quality

At our first impression, the Alxum USB charging station captures our attention with its modern, sleek and compact design. The jet black coating gives a nice appearance. On both sides feature a venting system that allows room for the hot air to escape while keeping the system operational and cool enough to charge multiple devices at the same time.

Alxum USB Charging Station Build and Design Quality

In the back of the charging station is where you can see 10 USB ports. There are 10 dock slots that can accommodate up to 10 devices such as tablets and smartphones. One of the main advantage that the Alxum USB charging station has to offer is dock slot flexibility to support bigger and rugged devices without having to remove them in order to charge. This makes the Alxum USB charging station an incredible easy and fun charging station to have for any avid, heavy gadget user.

Unlike conventional charging methods, the Alxum USB charging station comes with a number of improved charging technology. For instance, it features two quick-charging (QC) 3.0 that charges devices 80% faster than other charging stations that uses QC 2.0. Which makes the Alxum USB charging station one of the best tool to power multiple devices in matter of minutes compared to hours.

Charging Performance

In the next part of our in-depth Alxum USB charging station review, we are going to talk about its performance. Getting to know how well a smart charging station performs is just about important as it is to be able to support multiple devices. While this smart charging station have the advantage of being flexible enough thanks to removable dock slots and can support a wide range of gadgets including bluetooth earbuds and speakers.

Alxum USB Charging Station Performance

The Alxum USB charging station also comes with high-performing charging technology, which puts it ahead of competitors that do not take advantage of the latest charging feature. Out of 10 USB ports, these 8 ports comes with a maximum output of 2.4A which is fast enough to deliver enough power to recharge devices in few hours — ideal for overnight charging.

Although for heavy gadget users who use smartphones or tablets on a daily basis. The Alxum USB charging station feature two USB ports that uses QC3.0 technology. Unlike QC2.0 and conventional charging methods, the QC3.0 can recharge a single device up to 80% in 35 minutes or less. Which makes it an ideal choice if you need to recharge your device quickly or do not have the time to wait.

Additionally, there is a USB-C port if you use a device that requires that specific type of port, or want to take perk of the fastest charging option. As mentioned before, Alxum USB charging station has done a great job at integrating the latest technology while taking advantage of its strongest build and design quality: flexibility.


Before we wrap up our in-depth Alxum USB charging station review, let’s talk about the features that this energy-saving gadget have to offer. One of the must-have feature that the Alxum USB charging station comes with is Auto Detection IC. This means the charging station will automatically detect the device’s charging specifications and adjust accordingly to deliver optimal charging rate.

Alxum USB Charging Station Features

This feature is also important because it serves as a layer of protection against fire and electric hazards such as overcurrent, overcharging, overvoltage and short circuits. Another cool feature is the flexible, adjustable dock slot. As mentioned before, you can easily adjust the size of dock to support multiple devices such as laptops, tablets or smartphones with rugged cases.

The Alxum USB charging station is compatible with Apple iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPhone Xs/X/XR/8P/8/7P/6P/6S/6, Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/Note, XiaoMi 6, Google Pixel 3/2/XL, Huawei P10/nova 2, Lenovo Z5 Pro, Honor 9, OnePlus 5, LG V30 G6 V20, Blackberry, Power Bank, Tablet, PS4, Kindle and more.


As we come to conclusion of Alxum USB charging station, you might be asking yourself this question: should I buy this charging station? If you are an avid gadget user and have a lot of devices lying around at your home. It is always a good idea to get a smart charging station that can hold multiple devices at a time and charge them only when it is needed.

The Alxum USB charging station is one of our favorite best smart charging stations that maximizes at saving energy while reducing your electricity usage — a big advantage over standard charging method that continue to draw in electricity when not in use.

You can buy the Alxum USB charging station for under $100. Let us know if you have any questions about this charging station in the comment section below. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Happy charging!

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